Dos Palos - Remixes Part One [NUNS006R]

Riding high on the back on the successful debut outing of Dos Palos in November 2014 which saw critical acclaim and support from a whole heap of righteous music aficionados including Chris Coco, Kon, Paul ‘Mudd’ Murphy, Lexx, Ashley Beedle, Bill Brewster, Dom Servini, Don Letts, Alfredo, Steve Cobby, plus more Dos Palos have been reworked and remixed by Seahawks, Neil Diablo and and in-house label musical lynchpin, B.J.Smith.

The Seahawks, purveyors of deck shoegaze, and psychedelic yacht rock laced with hazy beach pop vibrations have remixed ‘I’ve Been Around’. Pushing the boundaries of the psychedelic elements to create a truly tripped out version with fractured vocals and a simple cantering groove and adding elevating synth chords and subtle brass to coax the listener in and lifting the track towards the heavens gate. Check out their 2012 Aqua Disco LP for a wonderful jaunt through cosmic Balearic soundscapes.

Neil Diablo, he of Mancunia fame flips ‘Lady of the Westway’ and has created a deeper vision for the track, underpinned with tougher percussion this has the ‘Lady’ walking the empty streets of [INSERT CITY HERE] at 4am on a Spring morning as the sun is rising Neil works well with Robins ‘cello arrangement and enhances it with powerful accompanying chords and chopped vocal refrains.

Last but certainly not least we have B.J. Smiths 10m + excursion, splitting the track into four distinct sections to create a rapturous rework

Keeping all Robin’s cello parts and not straying to far from the original bass, this rework is built with the DJ in mind and those twilight Adriatic dance floors. Ben adds solid rock chords and added hammond vibes plus extra Juno synth basses to lift the spine tingling verse lyrics before dropping into the cinematic middle section, catching a beautiful moody cello loop before heading into the end section which is intended to resolve the track, bursting out of the middle section and pounding toward the accapella outro, which lays bare the beautiful vocals.

This 12” package on luxurious 180 gram vinyl, and spined 3mm proper sleeves is one for the wax collectors in us all

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Jon Sa Trinxa, Ibiza – B.J.Smiths remix is brilliant . I like all the mix’s so far, and will be playing them all summer for sure.

Dom Servini, WahWah45 – Ooooof… looks like BJ Smith might be responsible for the beach festival hit of the summer two years in a row!

Bobby Beige, The Garden Festival, Croatia – Having been a huge fan of the original played in nearly every one of my sets recently i was a bit dubious to a remix. Well I have been proven wrong, on first listen, this is fantastic beautiful blissed out remix from Seahawks carefully selecting elements from the original and putting their spaced out stamp all over it, yes I will be playing this too, excellent.

Phil South, Golf Channel, USA – very nice horizontal vibes Phil. That lovely liquid sound!

Pete Herbert, UK – Nice one squire.. both sounding fab mate.. right up my strasse, will play on the radio show too on Ibiza Sonica.. (Music for Swimming Pools)

Chris Coco, UK – Delightful. What a magnificent combination of talents. The B.J. Smith mix, yep, like this, definitely worth a play on the radio.

Lexx, Switzerland – Soothing, nice & dreamy.. like it!

Moonboots, Aficionado, Manchester – Typical quality dubbed-out Seahawks vibe. Perfect for warm ups and comedowns and the El Diablo mix is right up my street, proper space music.

Alfredo, Ibiza – Amazing remix with the endless atmospheric sounds, give a beautiful listen. Great!!!

Dave Jarvis, Love Vinyl, Faith, London, UK – love the Seahawks this is awesome !!!!!!

Leo Mas, Italy – nice remix by El Diablo, great, I like it.

Dom Servini, WahWah45 Records, UK – Love those glorious Seahawks chaps, and this mix is a real winner. Blissfully Balearic. Digging the other mixes.

Andy Wilson, Sonica Radio, Ibiza – massive love for the original and a big fan of Seahawks so not surprised to be well into this tripped out remix, excellent work all round and wonderful stuff as usual from Mr Smith, bit long for the radio but will play in all its glory on the beaches this summer

Beane The Noodler, Nottingham, UK – My favourite remix of the bunch I think. Yet another wonderful BJ Smith journey and one I’ll definitely be playing out in my sets. Can’t afford to go to the Adriatic this year so gonna kick back, turn the heating up, don some shorts, groom my beard and kick back with this on loop till the sun rises.

Steve Cobby, Fila Brazilia, UK – Nice floaty blissed out vibes. Definitely going to slip this puppy into mix I’m doing for Hypersonic Radio in Austin TX this week.

James Holroyd, Bugged Out / Begin Music, UK – Lovely dreamy affair. Ace.x

Ole Smokey, The Garden Festival, Croatia – Dark, Filmic, Beatless Ambience from one of the best producers on the block. [Seahawks remix]

Petko, Playground Radio, Belgrade – unpredictable satisfaction.

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