Ragz Nordset - Sleepdancing Remixes #1 [NUNS003R]

A remix package of Ragz Nordset’s “You Started It All” and “Sleepdancing” by Ron Basejam and BJ Smith.

Basejam turns out two mixes which take the original in differing directions, both adding a dreamy zest to ‘You Started It All’. Whereas the original focused on the haunting juxtaposition of strings and gargling electronics, Basejam’s drops the icy vibe for a fuzzier and mellower soundscape that betrays his connections to the warm Balearica of Crazy P on his rework.

He also turns out a dub with the dance-floors in mind, making a more concerted focus on the background electronics of the original and adding percussion and an acid line before building broodily towards a string drenched finale. Mid tempo journeys through the pared down sonics of dance music rarely deliver this much, with both efforts showcasing the talent at Basejam’s disposal.

BJ Smith completes the package with a typically upbeat folk focused interpretation of the title track. The final song on the EP, ‘Sleepdancing’ in its original form was the rousing finale that ended the four part story, but here it is transformed into a perfect slab of summer.

An acoustic guitar beginning dovetails perfectly with soft percussion, with Nordset’s vocals transformed from a foreboding presence to a much gentler accompaniment, sure to kick-start the horizontal season as the warmer climes beckon.

Feedback, reviews and radio play

Kev Beadle / Southport & SunCeBeat Resident / Mind Fluid Radio, UK – All tracks sounding good, but the Ron Basejam dub has the edge for me.

Michael Rutten / Soul Searching Radio, Germany – Nice nice !!! Can you pleases send me the original EP as well?

Ally Gillani / First Word records, UK – Basejam rework is the one for me – lovely summertime vibes. Thanks!

Rainer Truby / Germany – Sounding awesome Love that Ron Basejam stuff a lot, the This Side Up Dub is top notch!

Mixmaster Morris / Nubient, Big Chill, UK – I can defiantly play this!

Chris Barker / Deep Space Orchestra, UK – These are awesome. Three very different tracks, love them all. Favourite is probably the dub but I’ll be listening to all of them. Makes a nice change to get gear like this sent through amidst all the soulless tech house & 90s house clones that seem to make up 99% of what I’m sent these days

Review DMC World / 5 out of 5 – CLICK HERE TO READ THE REVIEW

Jon Oliver / The Main Ingredient show, East Village Radio, NYC, USA – Played 7th May – HERE plus song of the day on his website – HERE

Simon Harrison / Basic Soul radio, UK – Played on 6th May – HERE – BJ Smith’s mix featured on last week’s show. Another ACE single on NNS

Stamp The Wax, UK – Review – HERE

Released 3rd June 2013




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